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Location Bookmarking
Bookmark your favorite geo locations and sync them to multiple devices for later retrieval. Browse and search your saved GeoCrumbs, and quickly find your way back to your saved locations on a map.
Find your way back
  • Save your favorite locations and places
  • Mark locations while you're travelling
  • Remember where you parked your car
  • Get directions and lookup places in your maps app
Directions and Sharing
Use GeoCrumbs to find locations previously saved and display them on the built-in map or use your map application configured for your browser or device. Share your location via email or SMS.

About GeoCrumbs

GeoCrumbs came about from a need to track geo location bookmarks across different devices. While most map apps provide rudimentary book mark favorites, the functionality to do so is not very obvious and limited and then limited to a specific map application. This makes it difficult to share bookmarks across devices and use the bookmarks effectively in your day to day environment.

GeoCrumbs aims to solve this problem by providing a standalone Web based application that's accessible from any device that can use a browser to make it easy to create and later access saved GeoCrumbs. It's a snap to bookmark and it's just as easy to find and later navigate back to a location. Once you've found a location on the map you can easily fire up a map application, email or send an SMS of the map location to others, or simply view the location in the built-in Google Maps view.


For easiest use of GeoCrumbs, you can bookmark this GeoCrumbs app in your Web browser or on your Mobile device's home screen.

For quickest access, it's best to bookmark either the Crumbs or Map page. Bookmarking Crumbs starts the app in your GeoCrumbs history so it's easy to find and search for existing crumbs. Bookmarking Map opens the app in map view on the current location as determined by your GPS or browser's GPS triangulation.

Login to Sync

If you'd like to sync or back up your bookmarks, you have to create an account and log in to sync. It's free, and once logged in you can store your user and GeoCrumb history on our server to sync or restore to other devices. GeoCrumbs runs locally in your browser until you choose to sync, at which point it syncs to our servers to store your GeoCrumbs history. You can manually sync from the Settings button.